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Help NSS provide tuition relief for deserving applicants - join the Tech Support program!

Why give now?

This is the hardest time we’ve seen for people to start a career in tech. For many prospective NSS students, increasing economic factors have reduced their ability to pay for tuition or step away from their full-time job to pursue a new career. The financial barriers include student loan repayments, inflation, high interest rates, and increasing child care costs. 

Additionally, a slow job market, particularly for junior software developers, has lengthened job searches, stretching students even further financially. Even with these headwinds, we talk to students every week who are ready to start their journey at NSS, but who need financial support.

NSS has offered scholarships and deferred tuition through our Opportunity Tuition program since 2012. And in recent years, your donations have helped us provide more opportunities to more students. Together, we reduced the financial barrier to start a career in tech for over 60% of our students last year.

Introducing Tech Support

This spring we are excited to launch Tech Support, a monthly giving option that offers a convenient and sustainable way for you to support NSS students on an ongoing basis.

Just $20 a month? Sign me up!

By committing to $20 a month, you can provide reliable scholarship funding to support more students at NSS seeking to start careers in tech and help us reach our goal of $15,000 donated or pledged this spring.

Can $20 a month make an impact? 

Yes! If 10 people commit to $20/month for a year, that provides an Opportunity Tuition scholarship for a student in our Web Developer or Data Science Bootcamps. If 6 people make the same commitment, the provides an Opportunity Tuition scholarship for a student in our Data Analytics Bootcamp.

Of course, $20 a month is only a suggestion - if you can afford more, that's awesome, or if less a month works better for you that's great too. It all helps to make a difference

Sign me up for Tech Support monthly giving!

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