Share Your Passion For Technology

Would you like to engage with NSS students and share your expertise on technology and the industry? How agout gain early access to upcoming graduates? We’re always looking for volunteers who are willing to be a resource for new developers, data analysts, data scientists, and UI and UX designers. Here are our current opportunities.

Roundtable With Current Students

If you’ve worked with our graduates before and are interested in mentoring new tech talent in your field, we would love to have you at a round table event. This event is hosted in the evening and allows our students to meet and network with those already working in the field.


Our students love opportunities to learn more about tech careers and some students benefit from more help outside of class. 1 on 1 mentorship is a great way to engage with a student on a regular basis.

Guest Speakers

Speak to a class about technical skills, soft skills, or career preparation through our soon to be announced speakers bureau program. Let us know if you would like to be involved.

Mock Interviews

Help prepare our students for the interview process.


Common Table

Share your experience with current students and help them find their way to a solution when they’re stuck.

Info Session

Share your NSS experience with prospective students.

Become A Volunteer